About RealtyNex


Let us show you
a path upward.

The white house and picket fence is a metaphor for upward mobility. It’s a tangible expression of the idea that, here in America, you can lift yourself at the very top of the social ladder regardless of where you start or what situation you were born into. It’s a symbol for individual hard work, grit, determination, but also equity and opportunity for all.

At RealtyNex, we believe that everyone should have equal opportunity for upward mobility and wealth. So our mission is to leverage real estate as a means for social and economic empowerment.

With almost 30+ years of real estate experience, our goal is to give people a path upward and help them level up. We bring extensive knowledge in all facets of the buying/selling process.

If you are searching for a Brokerage firm that will bring the utmost professionalism while representing you in your real estate endeavors, then RealtyNex is the one. You’ll always get honesty and loyalty in dealings along with extensive knowledge of the industry.

So whether you are seeking to rent, buy or sell, we are here to help you invest in your future.



We do our best and what’s best for people, even when it seems inconvenient



We take responsibility for our employees, our clients and our communities.



We give our clients equal opportunity to wealth and upward mobility.



We understand you and your needs so well because your story is our story.

FIND Your Home.

Your first home is rarely your dream home. It’s an investment in yourself, your family and your future. Let us help you find the best investment opportunity for you. 

SELL Your Home.

Selling a home is very emotional. And while we can’t put a price on all the memories you’ve created over the years, we can help get the best return on this priceless asset.

Join our PARTNERS.

Our commitment to equal access and opportunity extends far beyond our services. Join us and our partners in the fight to close the wealth gap in charlotte.


With you Every Step Of The Way.

With 30+ years of experience, we have deep knowledge about every facet of the real estate industry. We can guide you through the entire process. From walking you through the intricacies of the lending process, the technology we use to perfectly showcase your house, to advising on potential renovations, we sweat the smallest details.


Our Family

Rodney Almeida

With over 30+ years of real estate experience, Rodney has extensive knowledge in all facets of the buying/selling process. He attended Military school throughout his life and then moved on to Miami College where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing. He spent the early part of his career in the mortgage industry as a licensed mortgage banker primarily working with first-time homebuyers seeking FHA and Fannie products. His Real Estate sales experience began in 1994 and evolved into selling thousands of units throughout the State of Florida in the condominium conversion craze. Rodney lives in Charlotte with his wife and two children and is fluent and proficient in English and Spanish. He is a Licensed Realtor®/Broker in North Carolina, South Carolina.

(704)  497-0038

Christian Almeida

Christian has had over 3 years of experience in real estate and has developed the skills to be an expert in buying, selling and investing in the industry. He has gained knowledge not only from first hand exposure to the world of real estate, but also from his mentor Rodney, who has 30+ years of real estate experience. Christian graduated from UNCC with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Minor in Sociology, along with successfully earning his real estate license soon after graduating. While in the process of completing his last few months in college, he started working with RealtyNex as an administrator/transaction coordinator. Throughout working this job, Christian had the opportunity to learn the ropes and experience the working field of real estate directly. In his 3 years of being an agent, Christian has excelled and plans on becoming a Broker-in-Charge. If you are searching for a realtor with great knowledge of the industry and a true passion for what they do then Christian will guarantee this, along with honesty and clarity throughout your real estate endeavor. Christian is proficient in Spanish and English 

(704)  497-1389